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As a music artist Tea goes by the name of Tea Belle. 

She grew up being trained in singing, dancing and acting and starred in musicals, movies, TV shows, commercials and more throughout her youth in Vienna, Los Angeles and London.

After fully tapping into her passion for music she made her comeback as Tea Belle with her single “Available(nah)” in early 2020 which drew attention for its colorful music video and even made it to Austria’s national radio Hitradio Ö3.

Her work on the soundtrack for the short film “Stay Sane” earned her over 14 Awards for “Best Original Song” at various international film festivals so far.
The young artist has also sung multiple jingles for radio stations as well as the title song for the popular kids animation show “Tayo the little Bus”.

With a combined audience of 100K Listeners on Spotify Tea is known for her quirky fun music videos and openness to experiment with music styles. Taking inspiration from international pop culture all around the world, she describes the sound of her own music as “just as diverse and limitless as me”.


Apart from her own music Tea also works as a topliner/songwriter specializing in the asian music market where she has had releases with artists such as Solji from Kpop group EXID.

Just like her artist project Tea is known for her catchy quirky and unique melodies as well as her knowledge of Kpop as a genre.

For more about Tea as an actress click here.




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